About Clim-HEALTH


Predict, prevent and manage acute public health effects of climate change in Africa.

Clim-Health Africa’s goal is to strengthen the resilience of African countries and communities through improved management of public health effects of climate variability and resource planning for climate-sensitive health outcomes, moving from the current reactive mode to a proactive mode.


Share your contributing achievements with the Clim-Health Network.

It has been five years since Clim-Health Africa was first conceived. A lot has been achieved in that time, and much more remains to do. To document what has been achieved during this period, the Clim-Health Africa Secretariat is developing a progress report. To this end, we invite you to complete a survey to share your contributions to the goals of the network.





Clim-Health Africa will serve as a virtual hub where expertise is shared.
Its intention is to develop the capacity of African health and climate communities, institutions, practitioners and negotiators to understand and integrate climate change challenges into policy, socio-economics, planning and programming. The aims include…


To develop mechanisms and institutional capacity for implementation of climate-based public health early warning systems in Africa.


To utilise early warning and response systems to provide timely response to climate-sensitive diseases and conditions.


To develop and implement a climate change and health communication strategy.


To provide African countries with priority support on urgent public health issues related to climate change.